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Case Study:

Building Energy Management Systems Ltd

Sector: IT & Communications

CentriVault provided excellent expertise and understanding to support our security needs and achieve ISO 27001 certification. They were key in ensuring we could meet our ambitious target of being certified within 6 months and it has helped us better embed a security culture within Building Energy Management Services Ltd. The ISO 27001 certification provides us with great growth opportunities, as it demonstrates to our customers just how important security and compliance is for us

Managing Director BEMS



Working in the technology area and for organisations that require safe and secure supply chains, BEMS wanted to be able to demonstrate their pedigree using the gold standard in information security management, ISO 27001 certification.


However, there were no internal resources competent to do this and with a small team, they needed expert guidance and knowledge in building up their information security maturity from the ground up.


CentriVault working with its partners developed a fast-track route map at the client’s request to achieve the necessary levels of security maturity within 6 months.


This involved starting with Cyber Essentials and migrating up to the gold standard of ISO 27001 certification - full security maturity with embedding good practices and behaviours along the way.


The Implementation

Several dedicated resources were provided to the client to act as their extended information security team. Working with their Group security lead, the team put together an approach starting with a detailed gap analysis, leading to achieving Cyber Essentials and then ISO 27001 certification within their required ambitious schedule.


Since then we have ensured that BEMS has been successful in both embedding the necessary processes for an effective ISMS but also at a recent BSI surveillance audit for their ISO 27001 certification.

The Outcome

The company has achieved all of its objectives with minimal disruption and a plan of management has been embedded – led by top management. It has been able to showcase its achievements with current and potential customers with notable comments received on the impressive achievements for a company its size.


Achieving full ISO 27001 accreditation has enabled BEMS to target more sales opportunities, including public sector tenders and has helped position it with larger technology providers.


Top management have also noticed no security incidents have occurred and the company is running leaner and more sustainable with areas like paperless implementations.

Crossing the Finish Line

Project Highlights

Abstract Background


Security Accreditations

  • Secure systems to better protect their internal and customer data.

  • More effective risk and opportunity identification.

  • Successful certification for Cyber Essentials & full ISO 27001 accreditation in less than 5 months.


Improved Awareness

  • In-depth training and security awareness now embedded

  • Improved office security and access control

  • Delivered project on time and to the agreed budget


Continual Improvement

  • Successfully achieved a continual assessment through the BSI audit

  • Improved the company’s reputation, market position and internal security maturity

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