We all have experienced expensive and inflexible training courses where only the few can afford to undertake them. CentriVault Training aims to change this and more.

Our background comes from higher academia with a commitment to meet the needs of smaller businesses when looking at information security. Training is a vital aspect to this.

The Cyber Readiness report showed that nearly 47% reported suffering from a cyber incident or attack. The UK government’s cyber breaches survey showed with a dramatic increase in cost to businesses; rising from £894 in 2018 to £3,650 in 2019.

We also recognise businesses, especially smaller organisations, have priorities to meet. Our mission is to provide great value for money but deliver best practice information in way which can be retained, regardless of your technological background.

Your Cyber Security Awareness Training Provider

The Gold Standard of Training

CentriVault Training materials have been created by certified and experience information security professionals with a deep knowledge of working with SMEs. We understand the types of issues facing businesses and we know the importance of trust and confidence in the information provided.

From that standpoint, we have become the first CyberSure RS Accredited Training Provider (CS-AT). This means our training courses are fully in alignment with industry standards like ISO 27001 and CyberEssentials. We can insure whether you are going for certification or maintaining accreditation, our training is always Trusted – Assured – Competent – Secure.

CyberSure is an award-winning cyber ratings framework devised by leading professionals in industry and academia for SMEs. It has already received international recognition and has been published within research journals. For further information visit CyberSure.

Delivering our Training

Online based​

CentriVault Training has its own training environment where we have delivered our training courses across the country – virtually. Alternatively, you will soon find our material on some of our foundational courses available via industry-leading platforms like Udemy and LinkedIn Training. We operate CS-AT courses (see below) which you can access wherever you are and whatever time that suits you.

Classroom based

​CentriVault use only trained and certified professionals to deliver our courses to your team. We deliver offsite across the UK, via our university network or we can provide bespoke training at your offices. These provide for much greater levels of participation, activities and continued improvement so that your team have all the tools necessary to make your business safe and secure.

Our Modules

CentriVault Training currently offers the following CS-AT modules. For further information on the syllabus or if you have training needs outside of these set courses then please contact us on training@centrivault.com.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Topics

​CS-AT Module 1 – Information Security Fundamentals
CS-AT Module 2 – Securing Your Business (Cyber Essentials)
CS-AT Module 3 – Information Security Auditing (Cyber Essentials & ISO 27001)
CS-AT Module 4 – GDPR Foundation and Implementation
CS-AT Module 5 – Incident Response Planning & Management (ISO 27035)
CS-AT Module 6 – Information Security Staff Awareness

Engaging Your Team

We understand that even with the best technical systems in place, it is all comes down to the people and their behaviours. CentriVault are behavioural specialists in information security and within our team are research specialists who have published work within scientific journals on that very subject. That means we know approaches to successfully engage with your team and find methods to help better protect your business, your customers and ensure it works for you as your business grows.

We also work with insight specialists to deliver knowledge around staff and customer experiences, as well as gathering real-time feedback in how effective new processes and procedures are working so we can optimise our training to deliver the best outcomes possible.

We can achieve that through our unique ZETA-A framework.

ASPIRE – align aims to what good security practice looks like for your organisation

ASSESS – understand what your current compliance levels, training needs, and security concerns are

ARCHITECT – plan and design a training route map to achieve the gap between the aspirational aim and the current level

ACTION – deliver training programmes around awareness, engagement and on the subject matters most affecting your business and its objectives

ANALYSE – through real-time feedback, insights, outcome assessments post training to ensure you achieve the outcomes set

ACHIEVE – through refresh courses, remote improvement exercises and regular engagements, we can help ensure your team’s behaviours are maintained and advance

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