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We know writing policies and procedures can be a daunting task for many SMEs when it comes to information security. CentriVault is your security policy support.

Our team have worked with hundreds of SMEs and we know what is needed for businesses to comply. This is why we are developing our MiComply package. Access to information security policies and procedures when you need them - without worrying if they are compliant with regulations and standards.

Our policies and procedures are designed to be compliant with current UK regulations and recognised standards such as Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001.

Whether you need a new access control policy or a full suite of information security templates, CentriVault is here to help. All of which can be personalised to fit with your business at a fraction of the cost of having consultants write them for you.


Your Security Policy Support

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The Need for Policies

From our years of security research and working within the industry, we know that people are still the weakest part of any company's security. It does not matter what the latest technology you invest in or how good you think your processes are in detecting threats - these are only as good as the people using them.

This is why policies are so important in information security. These help consistently guide you and your team through whatever security scenarios are needed to protect your business.

Our designed policies are there to guide you through the fundamentals of good security practice. We also know that putting these together takes a lot of time and effort. Just search the web and you will find a host of free templates - but just how good are they? Are they compliant? What needs changing? Trust and confidence in your policies are vital.

Whether you want to make sure you have complete coverage of your information security concerns or want to speed up the documentation process, our expertly designed templates are an ideal resource.


We know the challenges in sifting through free templates or paying for toolkits with policies you do not want or even having to use costly consultants. This is why we are creating the MiComply Package.

With support from Aston University, MiComply is a new dynamic way to create and manage personalised security policies - without needing internal expertise. The policies have been developed by certified experts in information security and follow our planned cybersecurity-as-a-service model - meaning you get access to the resources you need, when you need it and only pay for what is used.

MiComply will feature an online policy builder to take you through the necessary steps needed to ensure your policy is right for you. All of which can then be saved onto the MiComply Cloud. You can then decide who can view read-only versions for audit purposes and be notified when regulations require policy changes - giving you peace of mind to focus on driving your business forward.

This will be available from August 2020. In the meantime, you can order the templates below.

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Our Templates

We know that information security policies are usually best derived from the outcomes of risk assessments - e.g. what threats/vulnerabilities have been found and what you need to put into place to mitigate them. If help is needed there, our team can advise you.

Assuming that is in place, we have developed fundamental templates that the majority of SMEs will need. These are available now as listed below and are priced at just £14.95 each or £120.00 for 10. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

  • Access Control Policy (ref. ACP)

  • Acceptable Use Policy (ref. AUP)

  • Change Management Policy (ref. CMP)

  • Data Protection Policy (ref. DPP)

  • Disaster Recovery Policy (ref. DRP)

  • Email/Communication Policy (ref. ECP)

  • Incident Response Policy (ref. IRP)

  • Information Security Policy (ref. ISP)

  • Password Policy (ref. PWP)

  • Remote Access Policy (ref. RAP)

Please use the Contact Form and quote the references of which policies you want or state its for the value pack of 10. Alternatively, contact us on info@centrivault.com if you require policies not listed above.

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