If you answered by saying none of them are popular with todays youth, then you’d probably be correct. But more importantly what connects them is having their twitter accounts hacked and posting NSFW tweets for hours before being stopped.


It feels like every time I open twitter at the moment, I stumble across a business/public figure account that’s been comprised. Most of the time tweeting out comments either trying to offend as many people as possible or promoting seemingly random accounts or products.


Short term harm but no long term damage, right? The Met Police currently has 1.23M followers (11/08/19) whom many rely on the account for public announcements during crises such as terrorist attacks. Mass panic could have taken over the streets of London with one false tweet. The hack on the Metropolitan Police’s Twitter account highlights the importance of ensuring the correct steps are taken to protect your social media account.


We’ll be posting our top ten tips for keeping your accounts safe in a future blog post.


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Published On: August 1st, 2019 / Categories: Latest News /

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