The advantages of backing up your data in the cloud

A cloud service can be useful because you are saving a copy of your data elsewhere, hosted by someone else out on the internet. This means that if your device is stolen/damaged/you have a fire or you suffer a ransomware attack, your data is not lost.


You may have heard about some of the high profile cyber attacks on cloud storage, such as celebrity photos being stolen. These shouldn’t put you off using a cloud service because when protected by a strong password and two-factor authentication (where available) they can be a very convenient and secure way to store data you care about.


Most devices now include a cloud back up service, with a certain amount of free space, and are a sensible choice for most users. 3rd Party products may offer you additional features such as more storage space or better usability across multiple devices which you should consider against your needs.


Here are how-to-guides to set up cloud storage on Apple (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and Mac), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows 10) devices.


Always back up your most important data.


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Published On: August 17th, 2019 / Categories: Latest News /

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