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High proportions of UK businesses lack staff with the technical, incident response and governance skills needed to manage their cyber security according to the Cyber Security Skills in the UK Labour market report.

This means around 653,000 businesses have a skills gap with 408,000 lacking advanced skills in their business around cyber security. We know from research that 64% of firms have faced problems with technical cyber security skills gaps. A quarter (25%) say that such skills gaps have prevented them to a great extent from achieving business goals.

CentriVault has found a way to help your business plug that gap with access to experienced, vetted and proven executive persons to support your in-house team. Providing large savings in extending your team, without costly recruitment charges or needing to offer bonuses or other such costly perks.

Bringing You The Right People.

Recruitment Challenges

Recruiting for any executive roles can be challenging, time-consuming and costly. UK government research showed that around 7 in 10 businesses have tried to recruit someone in a cyber role within the last 3 years. These employers reported a third of their vacancies as being hard to fill. The hard-to-fill vacancies are most commonly for senior-level staff (with 3 to 5 years of experience) and principal level staff (with 6 to 9 years of experience).​

CentriVault can help your business meet these challenges by supplying your in-house team with resources on a part-time or full-time basis. You decide when to draw down on our services and skillsets to support your growth aspirations.

Businesses will benefit from looking at different ways around recruiting to support growth and security strategies, without compromising on quality and experience. Our ERB package is that new dimension.

What we offer

CentriVault has created a unique industry solution to address the resource shortages for executive cyber or information security roles and that long process of finding the right candidate.

Through our network of experienced persons, we can offer you the chance to have your in-house team extended with the right candidates but with significant cost and time savings – meaning you can invest more in other security controls.

We can offer this service as flexible as you need it to be; from one month to several years – whatever fills your requirements. The additional benefit is we will supply you a primary and secondary team member to add extra resilience to your resourcing.

Enjoy the savings!

In today’s financial climate, managing costs are even more important for businesses. Typically, resource costs will be your biggest expenditure and here is where we can assist. The list below provides the type of roles we can fulfil and depend on the contract length we can save between 15% to 25% of the average salary (as of 2020, Glassdoor figures).

  • ​Director of Information Security

  • Head of Information Security

  • Cyber Security Manager

  • Information Security Manager

  • Information Security Specialist

  • Cyber Security Consultant

  • More on request​


These savings don’t include bonuses, shares, or other perks you would offer. Our Executive Resource Bank package provides some key benefits:

  • Up to 25% base-salary savings

  • Access to experienced and tested individuals now – ready for interviews

  • Extra resource resilience should the primary contract become ill etc. We will ensure your secondary contract is fully up-to-speed with your business and can fill in as and when needed

  • No compromise on quality or focus – if needed resources will work the full-time hours you would set if you had employed someone

  • We take care of the tax and contributions – saving you more!

  • If after a month, you wish for a different resource we can assist. Contracts are from one month and up

  • Have resources working whilst you source permanent team members – ensuring your business can still grow and develop

  • All individuals are vetted and checked at our cost

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