Cyber Essentials is a UK government-led scheme that was originally launched in June 2014 as an assessment strategy to accompany the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) “10 Steps to Cyber Security” publication.

The scheme provides an accessible way for organisations of all sizes to demonstrate their commitment to cyber security through a recognised and government-backed standard. CentriVault has taken the necessary steps to ensure we have been audited to a high standard that meets the requirement of being a Cyber Essentials Certification Body overseen by IASME.

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What does Cyber Essentials Cover?

Within the Cyber Essentials scheme, there are five control categories which cover around 80% of the most common cyber risks that you will face today.

These controls include the following:

Firewall and Boundary Security
A firewall should be in place between the Internet and your organisation’s internal network. This firewall should be securely configured and be reviewed regularly.

Secure Configuration
Devices and software should be configured securely to prevent them from being compromised by a malicious user or malware. Default passwords should be changed, and all passwords should be suitably complex to prevent them from being guessed. All unnecessary software should be removed from end-user devices.

User Access Control
Access to your organisation’s data should be controlled through correctly assigned user accounts. Administration privileges should be tightly controlled, and administrative rights should only be granted to users who have a genuine, business need for this level of access.

Malware Protection
A robust anti-malware solution should be applied to prevent servers and end-user devices from being infected with malicious software. Cyber Essentials allows this to be achieved through conventional anti-virus software, allowed application listing or by running applications in “sandboxed” environments.

Patch Management
All security updates and patches should be applied to devices and installed software. This ensures that security vulnerabilities are fixed and reduces the likelihood of devices and applications being compromised by a malicious user or malware.

What are the benefits of Cyber Essentials?

Obtaining Cyber Essentials certification provides assurance to your customers and stakeholders that your organisation has a baseline appreciation of cyber security. Cyber Essentials is a requirement for many UK public sector contracts, therefore achieving Cyber Essentials certification increases your eligibility to tender for sales into UK government departments.

Organisations who are awarded Cyber Essentials are provided with a certificate from our Accreditation Body and an official logo to allow you to it to your website or company documentation. This certification is also endorsed by the National Cyber Security Centre.

Displaying the Cyber Essentials logo to your customers and prospects provides a visible way to instil confidence in your organisation’s compliance with a recognised cyber security standard. It is also possible for customers to verify your Cyber Essentials certification through the NCSC website, therefore authenticating your certification to others.

In summary, the benefits include:

  • Evidence of the certification is now commonplace is many supply chains and tenders as a prerequisite for bidding.

  • The implementation and certification of the controls confirms that your business is safe against the majority of cyber threats.

  • GDPR regulation came into effect on May 25th 2018. Cyber Essentials certification proves your business has taken the first step towards compliance.

  • Cyber Essentials certification is mandatory for many central government contracts which such as the Ministry of Defence (MOD) or the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

The Certification

Designed to protect your organisation from cyber-based threats by ensuring your organisation is implementing the fundamental security controls which protect against the majority of online threats. CentriVault has the proven expertise to accredit your organisation and we take pride in partnering with our customers to provide guidance and support throughout the certification process. We want to ensure you are fully equipped before we perform your assessment, so that we can maximise your chances of passing first time.

We have a dedicated certification portal for customers to ensure we can prioritise your assessment and get you your certification as fast as we can.

The process itself follows these key areas:

  • Self-assessment questionnaire completed entirely online, at your own pace.

  • Confirms your company’s IT systems comply with essential cyber security controls.

  • Assurance that your company is protected against the most common cyber-attacks.

  • Certificate and branding package for successful organisations.


If you have previously been certified by CentriVault, please get in touch with us at to find out how to recertify.

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